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Rank higher with our guaranteed SEO services. Lead Logic produces higher rankings for businesses in Toronto. We increase your rankings by turning your site into an authoritative publishing powerhouse that deserves to be on the first page. We build sites with strong digital connections, sites that deserve to be ranked #1.


What Makes Us Different

We deliver results on time, and within budget. Most of our clients see results after only 1 month.We are marketers first, making sure sites convert traffic to leads. We deliver the most value for every dollar spent than any SEO service provider out there.



Being on the first page when your prospects are searching for your keywords means that they will find you and call you. You have the best shot of getting new clients when you rank for the keywords prospects are searching for. Local SEO campaigns work well and without having to spend thousands a month to get ranked. You will start seeing an return on your investment almost immediately.


We Deliver Results

It is hard to judge the effectiveness of any SEO campaign in any other way but to see how well ranked a site is.

We have many examples of top rankings. Lets talk about what we can do for your business we can show you our track record and current examples.  

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