3 Rules for Social Media Etiquette

by on May 24, 2013

Do you know what the top 3 rules for social media etiquette are? When you use social media for internet marketing you need to follow certain professional guidelines. We often take social media for granted and turn off other people with our actions. Here’s how you should use social media so you don’t offend others on these sites. Don’t Use Spam

One of the top 3 rules for social media etiquette requires you to refrain from using spam to get people’s attention. No one on Facebook or Twitter wants to be bombarded with endless messages that don’t add anything to the conversation. You can advertise but you want to keep this to a minimum. The whole idea to add value for other people and share appropriate links and videos that enhance the experience of others on these sites.

Don’t Put Down Others

There’s a problem on social media sites with criticism. While some of this is fine there’s a tendency to go way overboard and attack a person’s reputation. Not only can this get you in trouble at work or with others but it just looks bad on these sites. Social media isn’t the place for personal attacks. If you do criticize you need to back it up with facts. It’s fine to be critical but you can’t attack someone on these sites and turn it into a spectacle.

Share Helpful Content

It’s important to share information on these sites. For example, on Twitter you want to retweet things you feel have value. Share links, videos, and other information while being friendly, as this will help you engage in meaningful conversations with others on the site. This helps build the online network and the community. When you use social media don’t resort to spam and be sure that you never put down other people. Be friendly and share information, it’s what social media is all about. Use these top 3 rules for social media etiquette and your time on these sites will be a pleasant one.

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