How Our System Works

by on Oct 15, 2010

Lead Logic generates and delivers live and qualified business leads to your phone or inbox. We leverage local search, social media marketing and content marketing to generate demand.We can take-on website creation, including web design, branding, and content creation. Our team of developers, writers and designers produces professional looking websites that feature your services.

While there are many ways to generate business online, we customize our approach based on your business needs.

  • Website Creation
  • Driving Traffic
  • Generating Interest
  • Producing Leads
  • Delivering Leads In Real-Time

These websites are then optimized and adjusted to receive traffic from interested local prospects. We primarily use organic search engine marketing to drive traffic to these sites. Once a site begins to receive traffic, our team works on adjusting the copy and graphics to optimize conversions and generate more interest from visitors.  You only receive and pay for the leads that fit the pre-agreed upon criteria. Our work doesn’t stop there. We work with our clients all steps of the way to make sure you get the most value from our services. We guide our clients so that they see the best possible conversions and closing rates. We want to see you succeed, our success depends on it.


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