Ranking Higher in Local Business Results – Local Search Optimization

by on Feb 4, 2013

The process of ranking higher in local listings involves a lot of work. It is a process that requires working on both the listing and the website. It requires keeping track of several variables at the same time and it requires continues and careful examination of the competing listings.

Search engines do not make what makes their algorithms tick public and the same goes for local search. So ranking higher in result pages involves some guess work and a lot of testing. Because local listing algorithms have not been around for as long as regular search algorithms have been around, the knowledge of why some sites rank higher than others is limited aside from what we can figure out from the trail of patent applications.


The New Socio-Local Search

by on Jan 31, 2013

Local search algorithms are very similar to regular search engine algorithms. At the same time however, they are unique in many ways. In addition to looking at links, local search looks at mentions of businesses that appear with location related information. Search algorithms that categorize the internet are becoming more localized every year. This past year we have seen some significant changes in the relating to how Google categorizes information and many of them occurred in the realm of local search. Social, search and local are becoming increasingly intertwined and the driver behind these changes is mobile. (more…)