How to Select an Internet Marketing Company

by on May 31, 2013

With competition increasing online as more companies are taking to the internet to find new business, it is essential to find professionals to assist with such endeavors. Visibility is the key, having a website just sitting there doesn’t help in generating new business. You need to get traffic, visitors, clicks and calls. The problem is that the internet marketing industry is highly fragmented. This means that barriers to entry are very low. Consequently, everyone with computer and a internet connection can claim to be an internet marketing expert. This article provides some tips on selecting an internet marketing company. (more…)

How to Get Topic Ideas for your Business Blog

by on May 23, 2013
Business Blog

It’s certainly is no secret that unique and engaging content is a fundamental way to bring traffic to any website. When used effectively, blog posts can serve to develop trust and lasting relationships with prospective clients. Whether business owners choose to create their own content or contract the task out to professional writers, the common question still remains; What do you write about? (more…)

How to Market a Pest Control Business Online

by on May 22, 2013

Individuals looking for most pest control services are looking for immediate solution to a pest or wildlife control problem. As a result, any marketing efforts for such services needs to be done so that the company is present when someone is searching for the service online. Marketing solutions for home improvement companies do need to take in consideration the specificities of the industry or niche market. (more…)

Internet Marketing Tips for Contractors

by on Jan 28, 2013

Most contractors in the home improvement industry rely on word of mouth to generate leads for their business. While word of mouth and other traditional business marketing techniques can still work they do not do so to the extent that internet marketing can work for a contractor business. This article presents some straight forward tips that can help contractors providing any type of service get more leads.

When it comes to marketing contractor services one needs to step back and take a closer look at their business and what type of need their service offers. After understanding the service clearly, then an internet marketing campaign must be aligned with the specific business needs of the company. The first piece of advice is to forget about internet marketing for a second. The internet is great in providing the channel of communication, if the message is ineffective, then any effort online will miss the mark. (more…)

Real Estate Internet Marketing – Ideas for Real Estate Marketing

by on Jan 11, 2013

Real Estate Internet Marketing

The internet provides many marketing opportunities for real estate agents and can be very useful in generating demand for real estate services.

While the expectations for 2013 are not grim, it is anticipated that competition among real estate agents will only increase. In cities like Toronto, sales are not expected to improve by a lot in 2013. However the number of realtors is increase. According to the latest recent Toronto Real Estate Board reports and statistics provide by IMS incorporated, there are were approximately 33,000 Realtors in the Toronto area in 2011. At the same time it is anticipated that in 2013 there going to be approximately just over 82,000 sales in the area. That translates to about 2.48 sales per Realtor. Furthermore, out of these real estate agents 6,100 agents sold zero homes, 5,500 more agents did one transaction and 4,000 agents sold 2 homes. (more…)

What Is Inbound Marketing?

by on Jan 8, 2013

Inbound Marketing

Even though inbound marketing is a term that is gaining rapid popularity among marketing professionals it is still not a term that most business owners are familiar with. So if you are wondering what is inbound marketing your are not alone. The term does not really describe something entirely new, inbound marketing practices have been around for as long as marketing has been around. The term however, is relatively new and was coined to describe marketing activities that involve earning the attention of prospects via producing and sharing value and by making a website easy to be found easier. It is a term primarily used in digital marketing, however the essence of the concept of inbound marketing can be seen as simply creating and shared value online. A business can benefit directly and indirectly by sharing value with prospects, clients and its surrounding social environment. (more…)

Lead Generation Ideas for 2013 – Lead Generation Tips

by on Jan 7, 2013

Whether your business is targeting businesses or consumers, marketing is not about spending more, it is about spending smarter. 2012 was marked my many changes in the ways businesses market their products and services online.  For one, it seems like marketing and sales are becoming integrally combined in the digital world with the notions of the sales funnel or process changing far faster than previously expected.The main driver of these changes is technology and in particular mobile technology. As mobile phones are used more to access the internet communications are becoming hyper-local and hyper-social. Consumers are now using local and geo-targeted search and are influenced by social signals when making purchasing decisions. (more…)

Proven track record

by on Oct 14, 2011

Lead Logic has worked with many businesses similar to your own. We run campaigns in many industries and geographies and have in-depth knowledge of the specifics of every vertical. Our team can substantially increase your sales levels while decreasing your acquisition costs.  A recent local Toronto company worked with us to acquire new customers via Google. With 10 leads per week we were to increase their sales by more than 60%.  In the same period, they were able to reduce their marketing costs by 35%. Instead of expensive and non responsive advertising campaigns, the leads they purchased from Lead Logic produced real, measurable results. (more…)

The Power Of Search

by on Oct 8, 2010

Traditional broadcast networks such as television, radio and print media are slowly becoming obsolete as every year a greater number of people looking for products and services search online. In addition, marketing in such media is intrusive. Individuals do not watch television or read the news paper to see and read the advertisements. On the contrary, search engine marketing gives you the opportunity to target customers at the specific time they are looking for your product or service. People go online to find solutions, products and services and they use search engines to find these. With search engine optimization and a fine tuned search engine marketing campaign your website will appear in several places at the first page of the search engine result pages. As a result your website will continuously receive visits from individuals who are searching for your products. (more…)

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Qualified Phone Leads

by on Dec 29, 2009

Lead Logic generates leads using internet based lead generation techniques. We focus on providing your company with fresh leads that are searching for your services online. We dont use lists and cold calling  we just focus on getting you new and interested phone leads using the most efficient techniques.

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