Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation-LinkedIn Tips

by on Jan 10, 2013

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation can create rewarding opportunities. This doesn’t mean that social networking can work for every business in every industry. Social networking for business can make sense to different businesses for different reasons. Overall however, LinkedIn can be much more effective for lead generation than other social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to generate new business leads especially for b2b service providers. We don’t necessarily recommend jumping on-board and starting to contact everyone in your network with a pitch. There needs to be a plan of action in place, a plan that can help keep you on the right track and help get the most out of your efforts. There are two ways of generating leads in, the direct and indirect approach. (more…)

Lead Generation Ideas for 2013 – Lead Generation Tips

by on Jan 7, 2013

Whether your business is targeting businesses or consumers, marketing is not about spending more, it is about spending smarter. 2012 was marked my many changes in the ways businesses market their products and services online.  For one, it seems like marketing and sales are becoming integrally combined in the digital world with the notions of the sales funnel or process changing far faster than previously expected.The main driver of these changes is technology and in particular mobile technology. As mobile phones are used more to access the internet communications are becoming hyper-local and hyper-social. Consumers are now using local and geo-targeted search and are influenced by social signals when making purchasing decisions. (more…)