Blogging for Business – Benefits of Small Business Blogging

by on Jan 30, 2013

Blogging can benefit small businesses in every industry. While it can take significant time and effort to produce results, starting and maintaining a small business blog can help in gaining exposure and business leads. Blogs can help in many ways. They showcase your knowledge, enhance your credibility, create a foundation for building a community, customer relations, building trust, position your company as an industry leader and more. More importantly business blogging helps boost your website’s search engine rankings and help generate local business leads. (more…)

What Is Inbound Marketing?

by on Jan 8, 2013

Inbound Marketing

Even though inbound marketing is a term that is gaining rapid popularity among marketing professionals it is still not a term that most business owners are familiar with. So if you are wondering what is inbound marketing your are not alone. The term does not really describe something entirely new, inbound marketing practices have been around for as long as marketing has been around. The term however, is relatively new and was coined to describe marketing activities that involve earning the attention of prospects via producing and sharing value and by making a website easy to be found easier. It is a term primarily used in digital marketing, however the essence of the concept of inbound marketing can be seen as simply creating and shared value online. A business can benefit directly and indirectly by sharing value with prospects, clients and its surrounding social environment. (more…)